Scilab Online Weekly Session

Scilab Online Weekly Session
The FOSSEE (Free and Open Source Software for Education) project based at IIT Bombay promotes the use of Open Source software in academia. We have many activities, projects and internship opportunities especially targeted at students. One such activity is “Scilab Online Weekly Session”.
In this session, the FOSSEE team members will connect with all participants and describe our Scilab related activities. We aim to provide help to users in either using Scilab or adopting it as a part of their curriculum. This activity will help new and seasoned Scilab users to understand FOSSEE’s Scilab related activities and also use it as a medium to get their queries answered.

The first session will be held on Tuesday, September 26, 3 to 4 pm.

How can you participate?
You can connect with us using Google hangouts via To know how to connect with us using Google hangouts, please use this link.
This session is completely free and we encourage you to make full use of it. We look forward to active participation from both students and faculty. The Scilab Online Weekly session will be held once every week.

How to register?
If you are interested in attending this session, please fill this form. In case of any queries, please email